5icreations Live Help


Do you work for outsourcing?

Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yes, we do work for outsourcing, as we are very cost effective than other web development software house, that's why web developers from USA and Canada hire us for outsourcing.

How much do you take for outsourcing of web development?

Short answer: Ask [email protected]

Long answer: Well, Price remains same for outsourcing as well, which are given in site companies and developer can have their percentage and give quote to their clients, we would rather suggest that company or web developer should consult us [email protected] before they commit.

Will you be directly involved or partially involved to the clients when you will be hired for outsourcing?

Short answer: Partially Involved

Long answer: We will be partially involved to the clients, infect you will be directly connected to the clients and providing us required information, which will be asked. Clients never know whether who has done the work, your name will be used everywhere in outsourcing.

How and when do you take money?

Short answer: Credit card, Bank Draft, Cross Check and 30% advance Long answer: Money could be given by credit card, bank draft or cross check which would be acceptable in Pakistan, 30% of project amount would be given in the beginning as advance and rest of 70% would be given when project is given to you.

How do you get clear picture of the asking project?

Short answer: E-mail, Chat, Fax, Telecommunication, Teleconferencing Long answer: Well, sufficient information would be given in the beginning, then you would be given some questionnaires which have to be filled and submitted. Flow of information would be by e-mail, chatting, or by fax, if required telecommunication, teleconferencing, desktop sharing could also help, but extra expense would be at your side.

Who owns my website now?

Short answer: 98% of the time you own everything Long answer: Unless you signed a contract that says otherwise, you own 100% of your site including the coding, graphics and images. The catch to this is that there are several ASPs (Application Service Providers) that sell nice template-based sites that you do not own. Send us your URL and we have ways of finding out if you are not sure. Of course, when we build your site, you own it completely.

Can you work on my website?

Short answer: Yes Long answer: We can work on almost any site developed with a standard Internet markup language (htm, XML, etc.) or scripting languages (ASP, PHP, Java etc.). If you are not sure contact us and we will be able to determine tell you immediately.

How do I move my website?

Short answer: Get the username and password and call us. Long answer: You will need to provide us with the FTP username and password from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). After we get this information we will access your website and make a copy of your entire site, which we will also send you on CD-ROM. Then we can upload the site at another ISP, make any changes and file the change of location with your site's registrar and your domain name will point to the new server within 24-48 hours.

What services do you offer?

Short answer: hourly and fixed rate monthly maintenance contracts as well as website design and development of all kinds. Long answer: We offer full scale development, redesigns, newsletter distribution and list management, auto responders, database construction, form building, image manipulation, content management tools, calendars, htm updates, Flash, ASP, PHP, Java, JavaScript... well, you get the idea. Visit our services page or call us for more information.

When can you start?

Short answer: Today

Long answer: We prefer to get everything in writing so both parties know what to expect at the end of the month. Typically work starts within 3-5 days of initial contact but we can put everything aside for an emergency.

How long does it take?

Short answer: Same business day

Long answer: We guarantee all maintenance changes with in three business days but most are done the same day or before the end of the next day. We even surprise our customers sometimes and make the occasional change on a weekend - but no guarantees on that!