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SMS / Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is an increasingly popular form of communication. It is estimated that over 1.2 billion people worldwide use cellular telephones and that on an average day, customers of Verizon Wireless, the biggest US cell phone company, use their handsets to send and receive more than 23 million short text messages. Communication via Text Messaging (SMS) enables wireless communication to customers, or internal operating units, anytime and anywhere.

Now you can send your message directly to your customers.

Today’s consumers are mobile and today’s marketing must reflect to reach those mobiles.

Benefits of SMS Advertiser Wide Reach • SMS is the world's largest platform to reach out to consumers - every mobile
• phone is SMS enabled, it has 100% penetration.
• Focused SMS targets end-customers directly via their mobile phones.
• Prompt Customer Response
• SMS is an economical technique to reach users, which allows timely assessment of results.
• SMS is ideal for all companies that want to communicate with their clients and customers in personalized way. Whether it is a brand reinforcement message, product launch, SMS marketing is the right solution for your business.